Hello there! We are a non-profit organization providing a platform for youth to explore their skills as entrepreneurs and innovators through events and projects that provides opportunites for real-life application. We empower the Caribbean region's young developers, designers, and tech-entrepreneurs.

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Our Cofounders

Here's the team behind it all!

Nicholas Keemore_vert

Co-founder of Next Gen Creators

Nicholas Keeclose

He developed a love for programming at a very young age and has been traveling the world showing off his skills at various events. Nick’s journey is one that includes being homeless, robbed and many other misfortunes but in the end still coming out on top.


“Here’s to the crazy ones...”
Ja’dan Johnsonmore_vert

Co-founder of Next Gen Creators

Ja’dan Johnsonclose

Jadan started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 10 and has been unstoppable since. A true hustler and marketing genius, his achievements in the media industry make him extraordinary.


"The go getter goes till he gets what he goes for. The go getter sows till he reaps what he sowed for. He fixes a goal and resolves when he sets it. The way to the prize is to go till you get it."
Stephan Smithmore_vert

Co-founder of Next Gen Creators

Stephan Smithclose

His tech-entrepreneurship expedition started while attending university. Stephan’s super power lies in solving problems. Inspired mostly by the Jamaican culture most of his time is spent planning and developing projects around the lifestyle.


“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

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