Next Gen Creators is a nonprofit organization started in 2015 to help provide a platform from aspiring and existing developers in the Caribbean to showcase their skills and create solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

We have evolved to help young entrepreneurs and techies across the Caribbean to innovate, collaborate and learn through a series of specially curated events and programs.

Next Gen Creators is the organizer of Coders Of The Caribbean, Converge Summit and pitch partners for the Diamond Challenge in Jamaica.

How We Work

We are on a mission to increase digital literacy in order to further develop the tech/startup ecosystem in the region.



Through our school/community tours we delve into various Caribbean communities to encourage digital literacy. Every month we bring like-minded individuals together to collaborate on ideas and talk about the future of the tech economy.



Through our curated workshops, startup summits, hackathons and coding bootcamps we inspire young entrepreneurs and developers to explore their skills and become full-time talents. Our team works to introduce youth to software development and tech-entrepreneurship.


Provide Opportunity

We help our community members excel by offering access to employment through our partner companies and by providing seed grands for their startup ideas.


Follow us on our journey!


Still have some questions?

  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can I get involved with Next Gen Creators?
    To donate, please shoot us an email at:

    To volunteer, head to our volunteer form on the home page.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow old to I have to be to participate in most Next Gen programs?
    Our key demographic is youth, usually in high school and college/university (ages 13 - 25)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIs Next Gen Creators a registered nonprofit organization?
    Yes! We are registered as an NGO in Jamaica and are fiscally sponsored by a 501c(3) org. in the U.S.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can I contact Next Gen Creators?
    Head over to our 'Contact Us' page or email us at: